Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning is for everyone. It’s proven to enhance regular learning by making topics and sessions ‘come alive’ and hence have ‘real life’ meaning for those who participate.

At Wild Learning, we believe strongly in all forms of Outdoor Learning. As a result, our focus is on promoting the use of Outdoor Learning to enhance and underpin the taught National Curriculum.

Outdoor Learning can often be a one-off learning session delivered outdoors by a learning leader/educator to support and amplify the curriculum across the key stages.

We are frequently finding that clients are wanting more Outdoor Learning opportunities for their schools and settings, but are becoming confused between Outdoor Learning and Forest School approaches.

Outdoor Learning or Forest School?

Outdoor Learning is not the same as Forest School. It differs from Forest School in the following ways;

  • Firstly, Forest School should be a long-term programme of regular, long sessions.
  • Outdoor Learning can be a one-off event/session and can be done in a short time scale – i.e. 20 minutes of Outdoor Learning can be encompassed into your existing lesson plan.
  • Forest School should enable and encourage child-led learning to promote individual growth and development.
  • Outdoor Learning can follow the same format as any indoor lesson/session plan, and can cater for all with a learning objective for the session which can be tangibly demonstrated at the end of your session.
  • Forest School should use an outdoor natural site to enhance the learning.
  • Playgrounds, urban sites, school grounds can be used to conduct Outdoor Learning, you do not need a ‘special area’ or a natural site to use.
  • A qualified Forest School Leader at level 3 is the only person who should be running Forest School.
  • Any educational professional can run Outdoor Learning without any specific requirements for qualifications. All you need is some confidence and the desire to ‘have a go’. At Wild Learning, we offer a suite of Outdoor Learning training courses designed to grow confidence, creativity and ideas. Our courses will compliment your existing knowledge and skills. Our accredited courses will give you professional standards. All will add to your continuous professional development.